A global event organized by our supporting partner of VirTrain – Californian strartup Immerse.online brought together researchers focusing at language acquisition in VR.

Immerse.online is a leading producer of a purpose-built VR App for language teaching and learning.

VirTrain’s expert Lukas Macenauer presented the project at the Immerse Research Symposium on July 23rd 2022 alongside renowned VR researchers from around the world.

These speakers list went as follows:

  • Euan Bonner, Kanda University of International Studies
  • Ilaria Compagnoni, University of Venice
  • Sangmin Michelle Lee, Kyung Hee University
  • Randall Sadler & Tricia Thrasher, University of Illinois
  • Susanna Nocchi, Technological University Dublin
  • Lukas Macenauer, Moravian Training Institute
  • Cristina Obae, Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • Yukie Saito, Chuo University

You can watch all the presentation here.