Welcome to the VirTrain project!

We bring teaching methodology to Virtual Reality. 


The overall aim of the project Virtual Reality in Teaching (VirTrain) is to bring modern technologies and especially virtual reality directly to the hands of teachers to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in VET. Project goal is to map the training needs, show the benefits of Virtual reality (VR) to the full extent, train the teachers and develop their teaching skills and especially overcome the potential barriers to the use of VR in Teaching and Learning


Long term Benefits

The use of a “low-threshold” approach to the introduction of virtual reality into pedagogical practice, providing practical experience with technologies so that VET professionals can become familiar with their various forms.

Making available the availability of virtual reality in the sub-area of ​​acquiring language skills in vocational education for a wide professional audience.

Making this promising new approach available in everyday practice.


  • Reality mapping to inform language education professionals about the usability of virtual reality.
  • Development of original methodology for virtual reality courses.
  • Purpose-built course for teachers.
  • Database of virtual reality lessons.
  • Final methodology: How to teach professional language skills in virtual reality.
  • Multilingual One-Stop-Shop website – everything for virtual reality in vocational education and training from beginners to experts (all project materials and results available in one place).
  • Online course in Moodle July-August 2021
  • Face to face course for 15 teachers from Italy, Spain and Czechia (5 for each country) from 8. or 9.9. 2021, 4 days in nice Moravia wine region
  • Post online course in the autumn
  • Teachers will prepare their own lessons in VR 1st half 2022
  • Multiplier DisCo Conference 2022
  • National multiplier events in September 2022


Leading partner: Sdružení profesního terciárního vzdělávání, z.s., Czechia



Moravian Training Institute, s.r.o. Czechia, 

Associated partner: TKNIKA, Spain

Supporting partner: Immerse.online, U.S.A.

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Why teach in Virtual Reality?

There are many examples of using technology in schools for enhancing student’s learning experience. A relatively unexplored technology in education is Virtual Reality. Most of the existing VR applications aimed at learning are passive virtual field trips, where the...

What innovation does VirTrain bring to the teachers?

The VirTrain project builds upon the critical points regarding the Personal Learning Environments and Further Education of the PROCSEE project (Strengthening Professional Higher Education and VET in Central & South Eastern Europe,  2015-2019,Grant Agreement...

How does VirtTrain project approach VR instruction?

The approach to VR in VET taken by the VirTrain project is inclusive. We will introduce participants to options for participation without VR goggles i.e. using a regular PC or tablet. That means that participants and their students will be able to participate...