Language teaching in the VET context is not limited to initial education. Innovations in this area are at the center of interest in the EPALE community across Europe. That and the fact that VirTrain team member Lukáš Macenauer has been a speaker at the Regional Seminars organized by the local EPALE community across Czechia for several years made it possible for VirTrain to be presented at the 2021 autumn events in Prague (September) and Brno (November). About 30 adult-learning professionals took part at both of these events.

The seminars are organized by Czech National Agency for International Education and Research which is also the Czech administrator of the Erasmus+ programme supporting the Virtrain project. As such they bring attention to some of the key issues both VirTrain and EPALE community as a whole try to tackle – teacher development, digitalization and effective learning for students of all ages.

Lukáš had 30 minutes to introduce the topic, brief the audience about the current developments in VR for learning and of course present the VirTRaibn project and its development so far. After the series of presentations participants had the opportunity to try out the apps used in VirTrain and consult their questions and concerns.

It was very encouraging to see there is genuine interest in the EPALE community (and beyond) in the practical uses of VR technology. Apparently, the methodology is key in exploiting its affordances on scale.