“Exploration is wired into our brains. If we can see the horizon, we want to know what’s beyond.”

Buzz Aldrin
Spatial.io is one of the most promising environments for arts&design-related VET language training.spatial.io

As the project team becomes more fluent with the use of different apps, tools and environments we are deliberately going beyond the single-purpose applications for language teaching and learning.

In fact, the live workshop in Kyjov was a catalyst of this process. The participants learned very fast and naturally wanted to find out about the new possibilities beyond the original scope of the training. So we did.

Our expert team went through a number of potentially usable apps and picked those that represent different modalities of teaching in VR that fit the purpose of supporting language acquisition process:

  • ENGAGE – a virtual communications platform that simulates the way we interact in the physical world
  • SPATIAL – a platform for creating virtual galleries or event spaces }or even one’s virtual home
  • WARP VR – a platform for processing 360°-footage into story-based immersive learning
  • Youtube VR – a mutation of the well known public video repository focusing on immersive experiences

The Virtrain team as well as the teachers on the course began experimenting right away and we are gathering experiences and insights from the VET language training perspective. 

Naturally, these different platforms push anyone exploring them to learn and re-learn the skills needed to control them. And that gives us ever more confidence and stimulates creative efforts to develop diverse learning experiences. These will in turn manifest in the lesson plans – our project outputs.