Our project is entering the its final year with a lot of ambition and a long list of to-do’s. Among them we have live trainings, multiplier events, hands-on work of the participating teachers with their actual students and much more. Let’s look at some of the curical components of our plan…

The VirTrain project has been facing fast changes of the VR EdTech landscape. 2022, let’s go!
  • April – a live training workshop at VET schools in Trento, Italy
  • May – experimental classes by the participating teachers that will test lesson-plans developed within VirTrain
  • June – 17th international conference  DisCo 2022: Empowering Digital and Entrepreneurial Competences through E-learning will be organised by the Centre for Higher Education Studies  and West Bohemia University and with support of Charles University.
  • July/August – upgrade of our asynchronous course content and methodology development
  • October – Multiplier event & Transnational Project Meeting at Armeria Eskola, Basque Country

So who shall we target and how?

Professional in VET in the project-partner countries will be directly involved in practically all the project’s activities through participation in the peer-learning events, and through participation in the peer-review processes and in multiplier events. These involved professionals will also help to disseminate the project to their students and other staff members of their institutions. Students will also be involved in the project through a survey, where we will inform them about project aims and project website.

Policy actors studying related topics (such as regional/national/EU decision-makers), will be targeted through  dissemination activities including conference-presentations, academic papers, and this website. This targeting is meant to increase awareness in the academic and policy communities as to the project’s approaches, and make them available for re-use in countries and contexts outside the scope of the partnership.